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From plowing the sandy soil of Lowcountry South Carolina to treating the medical maladies of the farming families of his home county to fighting the secret war in Laos - follow the adventures of Dr. Robert Jackson, a poor farm boy turned medical doctor turned decorated Vietnam War veteran turned patient advocate. The last words he spoke to his sister Eunice were, "Sis, you fly low and slow. I'll fly high and fast!" And that he did. He flew higher than most men ever even aspire, and so fast most could not keep up. As one friend observed, "He accomplished more in forty-one years than most of us will in an entire lifetime." On Laughter-Silvered Wings records the remarkable life story of a country doctor, a family man, and an American patriot. Take a deep breath. You will be breathless just reading about his exploits.

On Laughter-Silvered Wings

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