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Want. Seek. Find. Speak.

“Those of us who want the truth, must seek it and those of us who find the truth, must speak it.” I don’t claim to always be right, but I do aspire to persistently pursue truth, especially the One who is the Truth.

Speaking Topics

Hannah enjoys speaking for women’s events, parenting conferences, homeschool conferences, and political/community events. In addition to her love for teaching God’s Word, she frequently speaks on:

Raising Digital Natives

As a millennial who has watched the influence of the internet unfold, Hannah is passionate about equipping parents on how to raise their children in a world invaded by the internet.

How Much for the Human?

People ask me frequently how we as Christians can fight human trafficking. Primarily, they ask how can Christians in South Carolina stop the sexual exploitation happening along what's called "the I-85 Corridor". This topic helps listeners better understand what human trafficking is, what it stems from, and what we can do about it.

Becoming Like Christ in the Crisis

This is Hannah's personal motherhood story and how she learned what Christlikeness looks like in a crisis. Primarily dealing with the medical crisis' of two of her daughters.

Teens in Crisis

Transgenderism and sexuality are inundating our kids. Why are more girls than ever before "transitioning"? What should we think and how should we respond?

What does Faith over Fear Even Mean?

What about fear? What does the Bible teach us about fear? Faith over fear sounds nice, but what does that even mean? This presentation walks through a tangible, Biblical approach to overcoming fear.

"Outspokenly Conservative, Unashamedly Christian."

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