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Carlotta's Speaking Topics

His Story and My Story

The story of God's work in Carlotta's life using the difficult crucibles in her life - her mom's tragic car accident, Robert's 25 eye procedures for glaucoma, raising two special needs children, and more.

Homeschooling Nine Children

The description of how God called us to homeschool. Our rationale for homeschooling and how our average day looked along with humorous events in our 30 years of homeschooling.

Homeschooling When Life Gets Tough

How we overcame obstacles to our homeschool day when adversity strikes.

Discipling Your Children for the Kingdom

We prayed that our children would grow up to be mighty warriors in God's kingdom. This talk discusses how we tried to raise kingdom warriors with grace.

Parenting a Prodigal (POPULAR)

A moving discussion of how we loved a daughter back into the fold after she walked away from our family for two years and how we dealt with other sensitive moments in our family life

Marriage & Family

Carlotta loves to join Robert for marriage talks and conferences. See Robert's page for a full list of topics.

Resolving Family Conflict

Family conflict is inevitable. How we resolve it is the key.

What's That Smell?

Using the story of the woman who brought her alabaster box of perfume to wash Jesus' feet, Carlotta talks about the need to be the sweet aroma of Christ to a lost world.

Prayer in the Life of a Mom

The what, when, where, when, and how of Carlotta's prayer life.

The Learning Curve of Parenting (POPULAR)

Carlotta discusses God's goal for parenting and practical parenting principles for every family.

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